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Below is a list of all the subjects the library has images of. To find the subject/country combination you require please contact the LIBRARY at then thumbnails of images you are interested in can be emailed to you on request.

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Health - child nutrition, pre and post natal, midwife training, immunisation, eye surgery, eye-camps, TB and polio treatment, rehabilitation of leprosy patients, surgery on land mine and war victims, 'bush' hospitals and clinics, refugee camp clinics, homes for the disabled and 'Riders for Health' (nurses on motorbikes).

Refugees - Afghans in Pakistan, Somalis in Ethiopia and Kenya, Ethiopians in Sudan, Eritreans in Ethiopia, Rwandans in Uganda and Mozambicans in Zimbabwe, Tibetans in India and Nepal

Water & sanitation - dam construction, well drilling (high & low tech), well deepening/lining, pump and gravity fed systems, purification, mosquito prevention, micro-hydro, irrigation canals, livestock watering, emergency refugee water supplies, toilets and washing facilities.

Housing - slum housing renovation, ferro-concrete block making, fibre roof tiling, rammed earth techniques, temporary refugee housing - tents, 'benders' and shipping containers.

Agriculture - terracing, ploughing by hand/tractor, harvesting, food processing, livestock, pest control, reforestation, deforestation, silkworm production/silk reeling & weaving, tobacco farms and tea estates.

Fishing - lake, river & sea, fish - farming, fish processing/smoking.

Education & Training - crèche to secondary, farm schools, schools for the disabled, refugee schools,adult literacy/numeracy classes, technical courses for mechanical & electrical engineers, weavers, dyers, carpenters, food processors, midwives, traditional birth attendants, eye surgeons and community health workers.

Disaster Relief - floods in Bangladesh, war in Afghanistan, drought in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland, famine and civil war in Ethiopia and Somalia.

Tibetan Refugees - the library probably has the largest collection anywhere of pictures of Tibetan refugee life - photographed in over 30 refugee settlements in India & Nepal over the past 15 years.

- landscapes & views of everyday urban & rural life.